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Ann Lam

Ann Lam

Day Job: Associate Editor, Carnegie Hall

Tell us a little about your relationship with your instrument:
I cannot imagine not playing the violin. It has been with me through the best and worst times--and it has often been the cause of the "best" and "worst" times ... And this is precisely why I love my violin. Very few other things in life have taught me the meaning of honesty, humility, possibility, dedication, freedom, and joy.

What is your proudest musical moment?
December 2002. Gildenhorn Recital Hall. Third movement of Beethoven String Quartet Op. 59, No. 1. My quartet, the Choo Choo Quartet, had worked so hard on the piece, and the very end of this movement is a cadenza-like transition into the frolicking final movement. I felt the weight of the team on my shoulders as I began the butterfly-quick notes up the scale. But I/we did it, and it was oh so magical ....

Funny or embarrassing musical experience?
During my undergrad years, practice rooms were scarce. So one afternoon, my quartet decided to rehearse in one of those freight elevators used to move timpani, pianos, and other large items. When we picked up passengers, we took requests.

What does Camerata Notturna mean to you?
During rehearsal, as I'm surrounded by people from various professional backgrounds who have committed time from their incredibly busy lives to make music, to create something beautiful--it makes me hopeful for our future, world peace, and all that grand stuff.

Favorite Notturna Moment:
Playing the cymbals in the world premiere of Augusta Read Thomas's Prayer and Celebration and having Jon tell me to "beat the hell out of it."

Random Interesting Fact about me:
I have a black belt in Taekwondo. I haven't practiced since sixth grade, but I could probably take you down ... or not.