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Daniel Adamson

Daniel Adamson

What do you do when you're not making beautiful music with Camerata Notturna?
I work as a hedge fund strategist at Lehman Brothers. I also started an ethical investment company called Blue Investment Management, and wrote a book on ethical investing called The Blue Way: How to Profit by Investing in a Better World.

Tell us a little about your relationship with your instrument.
My parents picked the cello for me at age 12, having decided that - unlike the violin - the cello "sounded decent even when played badly." Given how little I had to do with the initial choice, I feel very fortunate to play such a wonderful instrument.

What is your proudest musical moment?
Performing the Elgar Cello Concerto with the Yale Symphony Orchestra during my senior year in college - far from perfect, but I gave it everything I could.

What is your proudest musical moment?
On a concert tour to Asia I took advantage of my orchestra's generosity and obtained an extra plane ticket for my cello. The name on the ticket read, "Woodrow Adamson" - and fortunately, "he" was not required to supply a passport or other personal ID. I did, however, argue vehemently that he deserved his own kosher meal. It was a long flight.

What this orchestra means to me:
Notturna is an unexpected and deeply appreciated chance to continue playing orchestral music at a high level, and to be part of nurturing community of friends and fellow music-lovers.

Favorite Notturna moment:
Our Halloween rehearsal, 2007: Let's just say our esteemed conductor is courageous, and not just musically.

Random interesting facts about me:
I'm an adventure traveler - once rode my bicycle across America, have motorcycled in the Himalayas, and am planning a kayaking trip in Antarctica (but not to Antarctica, mind you -- that would be crazy).